Shopify | To process and redeem a gift voucher purchased from the website

When a customer comes in for their treatment

    1. Ask the customer to hand you the voucher they have printed off or write down the code they provide for you.
    2. Check that the voucher has a 16 digit code and review the list of purchased vouchers on the website to ensure it still has valid credit on it.
    3. Using your specific log in details (provided by your manager), log into
    4. Type the gift card code into the search field within the page (ignore the search at the top of the site) or find the customer name who purchased the original voucher.
    5. Ensure the balance of the voucher matches the treatment required or that a customer is happy to pay any difference.
    6. Your customer can now await their treatment as the voucher can be processed without them present.

      To redeem/process the voucher

      1. Visit on your computer.
      2. Select the value from the drop down menu that represents the treatment being undertaken and the amount to be redeemed.
      3. Add to cart.
      4. View cart with the link below.
      5. Double check the amount to be redeemed on the cart screen.
      6. Check out.
      7. Enter your salon’s email address.
      8. Enter the billing address as your salon address.
      9. On the right hand side enter the gift card code provided.
      10. Complete the order.
      11. You will receive an email notification of the order and the order can be checked and reviewed here

      To generate gift voucher reports

      1. Click ‘Analytics’ from the left hand menu in the admin.
      2. Then click ‘reports’ from the nested menu.
      3. Under the finance report section click ‘finances summary’.
      4. You’ll then see a section on gift cards with options to view ‘gift card sales’ or ‘gift card outstanding balance’.
      5. Clicking either report generates the information form which you can edit the time period in the right hand side.

      In the ‘payments’ report of the ‘finances summary’ page, you can also see a report on where the gift card was redeemed for various orders.

      This documentation is presented for general guidance only. If you have any questions about re-creating results from this article, please contact us.