Accessible websites

Making websites accessible to everyone is important to us ... it is simply 'the right thing to do'.

A growing number of websites have become more accessible in recent years thanks to articles and guidelines published on how to best make a website accessible, yet most websites still simply neglect accessibility altogether.

Like many companies, we use a combination of guidelines and validators to help us ensure our websites are as accessible as possible. But because web browsers progress much quicker than guidelines such as the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) (which has not been updated since 2006) we consider it very important to design for website users rather than for guidelines, so that users can take advantage of the benefits brought by newer standards compliant web browsers.

Despite many websites being largely accessible, the Equality Act 2010 which is being brought in to replace the The Disability Discriminiation Act (DDA) suggests that further change is required and that an inaccessible website could risk being flagged as discriminatory and be shut down. Though it is likely that the Equality Bill will use a similar back-bench approach as has been the case with the DDA, to continually ignore disabled users without so much as meeting even basic accessibility criteria, could one day be a decision that no website can simply afford.

There is much documentation freely available in magazines, books and on the internet to help,  and while we encourage you to learn and implement as much as you can, accessibility is difficult to implement as an afterthought.  This is why Blue Horizons have been working long and hard in putting together firm website foundations which take full account of accessibility needs and guidelines.  These foundations are used to build ALL our websites - they are an integral part of our commitment to provide websites that meet both ethical and technical guidelines.

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