iPad for your business part 2

With the launch of the new iPad 3 we thought our iPad for your business article back in 2010 could do with a timely followup, after all, technology has certainly changed since 2010.

According to latest data, people in Europe prefer to browse the internet and use social communication tools like email and facebook on their iPad. Despite not having support for Java, Flash, USB or HDMI, demand for devices like the iPad have soared due to key applications (or apps as they are affectionately referred to now) providing access to common activities and services, previously only available to Windows and Mac computers and laptops.

Access to important Mac and Windows documents and rich media was a much welcomed introduction to portable devices, throwing in some hugely addictive games (everybody knows Angry Birds right?) and social media apps gave rise to a bounty of useful applications created and optimized for portable devices.

How can your business benefit from an iPad now?

Well, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support improved and off that came affordable cloud storage to provide easier document sharing. Sharing documents has become super easy with Dropbox and iCloud, allowing business users to synchronize calendars and invoices, or manage accounts and projects. Copying files around on USB drives or blank CDRs is a thing of the past, just let cloud storage automatically backup and sync your files over your Wi-Fi connection. Easy.

Imagine also, how service and product options could be more personally filtered to a potential client's needs. In targeting a client's needs so effortlessly, the first and biggest step to maximising a sale is achieved by the client themselves. The added sense of control passed to the client will also be perceived as a positive extension of customer service, which can be effortlessly followed up with client feedback and perhaps a quick video testimonial ... the positive feeling of self importance this will bring is a great way to making your client think your business is fantastic. After all, your business is fantastic right!?

How can you promote your business with an iPad?

If your business is public facing, there are likely to be iPad apps available to help speed up information processing. For example, forms could be filled out by patients and submitted digitally to save receptionists manual data entry, and sales pitches could be more compelling with interactive models and demonstrations. The very exchange of a device like an iPad in this way is a very strong and physical gesture of good communication and thus a great way to supplement a personable business relationship, especially whilst devices like the iPad are still fun and fresh.

Aside from the functional benefits of handing an iPad to your client, new avenues for branding and marketing will be available to your business that would otherwise be impossible. A good business is a business that knows what a client wants, so what better way to promote your business than to use more personable information when marketing a service or product. Also, try marketing your business using free points of contact where possible. With free apps almost twice as popular as paid-for apps, promoting your business to the largest target audience is a great starting point and the best place to start is with an iPad friendly website such as we have been promoting for some time now.