Business Website Must Haves and Must Do's

The key to every successful business is delivering to it's target market.  Make sure your business website appropriately delivers and continues to respond to it's market.

Here are some must-haves and must-do's for a successful business website:

  • Start by identifying how your business website fits into your business strategy. A marketing partner or business consultant can help with this.
  • Identify what business problems your business website must solve. Then provide solutions.
  • Carefully plan the information structure of your website. This is good for converting visitors and should include strategic SEO for optimum conversion.
  • Ensure that each page of your website makes a quick and decisive first impression. Learn to make both visitors and Google happy.
  • Ensure your website looks and acts professional if you want potential clients to perceive your business as professional. From helpful website language to a good phone manner.
  • Make sure that your business looks more reputable than your competitors. SEO and/or social media alone, are not going to help with this.
  • Give your designer or marketing company an opportunity to suggest solutions. Let your designer and/or marketing company help your business.
  • Separate personal taste from business. Get a blog or portfolio to indulge personal taste and link your business website to those instead (if appropriate at all).
  • Give users 24/7 access to services. For example, online booking or e-commerce can save your business valuable time and is expected these days.
  • Give navigation links and headings good space. This makes them easier and quicker to read, thus giving your messages maximum attention.
  • Refrain from using too-similar words in headings and navigation. This in fact can work against SEO as well as against visitors.
  • Speak your client's language. Be clear and direct when communicating with clients, avoiding technical jargon beyond their understanding or interest.
  • Learn what is right for your business. What works for one business is not necessarily always right for yours. Make use of analytics and client feedback.
  • If you and your team are genuinely friendly and approachable, have team photos arranged to promote this.
  • Utilise client testimonials. Text testimonials are great for SEO if readable (avoid hand written or poor fax scans) and video testimonials are great to impress.
  • Be sociable. Social media means your business actively using social media - little activity means little interest.
  • Keep content up-to-date. QR code content and blogs need to be kept fresh - don't disappoint client expectations of such content.
  • Plan for ongoing changes to your website. The world is ever-changing and your business website needs to get out there and keep involved through news and announcements.