Apple can help your brand image

When it comes to effective marketing and positive brand perception, Apple is a great inspiration. We have mentioned Apple products a few times before, but with the launch of OS X Mountain Lion, Apple has set out to integrate customer interests across their products in a seamless and effortless way. So how does this help your business brand?

Brand clarity. Customers love it.

Apple's applications now offer social sharing from within applications themselves, but notice how Apple's own website isn't cluttered with social networking buttons ... there isn't even one. In order to best project messages and products on their website, Apple have used a clear business strategy to ensure customers get the message and to ensure conversion.  In doing this, Apple are driving traffic from social networks such as Twitter to their own website, but not the other way around ... notice the marketing logic? It is gutsy in the current climate, but it is cleverly-considered decisions like this that make the Apple brand such an effective tool.

When it comes to good business brand, it is important to consider what a business wants from customers. Customers like to share recommendations, but it is important to keep a holistic overview of a business brand at all times. Modern website features are more hastily adopted these days due to their immediacy (such as tweet feeds and social toolbars) and it generally makes web designers look like they are offering businesses the cutting-edge in website standards (value for money), but using Apple as an example case illustrates how businesses can look dated with just the same immediacy, by comparison.

To better illustrate how social sharing can be better integrated into your own business website strategy, Apple's Safari browser has taken the approach that people who like sharing tend to share more than a few websites ... so rather than being restricted to only being able to share the few websites that have share buttons, why not make every page on the Internet sharable!? Genius. The result is a more inclusive and seamless ability to share content, but it also means websites can utilize their valuable space for promoting business services and brand (if they understand the value of brand space, that is).

At Blue Horizons, we pride ourselves on identifying and meeting business requirements rather than trying to give businesses a worthless sense of value, just to make quick money. Long-term, marketing strategies that work for our business customers means they keep coming back to us, because it works.