A successful businesses must do right by its customers.

Every business deserves a chance to earn business, but no business can prosper by itself. A good business must know how to identify good customers and likewise seek to work with other good businesses. In fact, identifying good business relationships is equally important as identifying a good customer, to achieve both profitable growth and personal benefits (which in turn, makes for a better and happier business for all involved).

Identify obligations

It's not what you pay a man, but what he costs you that counts. Will Rogers

Be open and honest in operating your business so as to ensure good and trustworthy relationships (treat others as you would expect them to treat you). Ensuring that a company is properly registered with company house and meets legal obligations when marketing itself is a good place to start.

Chances are that if you use a company that practices unethical tactics, then your customer services could likewise suffer from unethical practices. With each of us being customers ourselves, it is no surprise that our good customers expect and appreciate ethical business and service at all times. It should be the primary obligation for each business to it's cusotmers.

Communicate with transparency

Another thing to be wary of is companies that operate under a cloak, making it unclear as to who you would be dealing with legally, if there was a problem. Signs of this are typically a lack of clear and easy-to-find address (perhaps operating with a PO BOX address), no privacy policy or no business terms or conditions ... these are typically expendable and secondary concerns to such businesses that clearly have sales interests first and not their customers. Other shady tactics include offering service guarantees that are too good to be true (promising SEO positioning for example) or purposing irrelevant facts to manipulate a positive impression (like citing self-generated awards or fictitious qualifications).

Be great

Put yourself in your customer’s place. Orison Swett Marden

Awards can be a good idea, especially when based on recognition of actual customer feedback. There is also nothing wrong with companies appraising each other through public (or socially-focused) awards, but keep in mind these will seldom have influence on customer conversion. Would your business get new customers from winning an industry award? only if your customers followed your industry awards. Chances are that is not the case and you would be better winning customer appraisals rather than peer appraisals (again, know when to keep business and personal aspirations and achievements separate).


Good communication is equally as important (if not more so) as service or price, and good business requires open and truthful communication at all points of contact. Providing complete marketing solutions, we pride ourselves on making businesses visible to their customer market through multiple marketing channels, such as localised mail drops and social media. In using a holistic approach to marketing, businesses can better differentiate themselves from competitors and better measure and plan improvements. Aligning marketing goals and campaigns to customers, businesses can find it easier and surprisingly rewarding to stay fresh and relevant to their customers. Remember, people come first because people make businesses work. If you want to make your business better, then we can help you.