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Branding & identity

A strong visual identity and branding helps build trust, confidence and loyalty in your practice or business by conveying ‘who you are’ and what that means to your target market. However, get it wrong and you can convey the wrong message entirely.

Fortunately, our team are experts at creating the ideal image for your business from designing an eye-catching logo to coming up with great name.

Reinvent your look for better results

Introducing a new visual identity is a great way to ‘reinvent’ your business and establish that all-important professional look that encourages patients or clients to choose you over others.

You can see how we’ve done that with the examples on this page for clients like Angad Saluja, principal of London’s Saluja Clinic:

“What a fantastic job. Well done to you and the design people. I'm very grateful for all the time and effort you and your team have spent.”

And once your new identity is created, it’s also a great opportunity to refresh the other components of your marketing, so that your website, brochures, leaflets and online marketing are all working in harmony.

If you want to create a better connection with your clients or patients, and think your business could do with a ‘makeover’, call us on 01242 236600 or email, and let us take a look at your look.