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Hobbs House Bakery

Hobbs House Bakery create handmade bakery products. Their online presence has been a huge factor in the growth of the company and the popularity of their sourdough recipes and celebrity chefs has meant increasing visitors to their website.

Although their previous ecommerce site was only a year old, they had outgrown it already. Load times were slow and customers frustrated with performance. They also found updating the site complex and cumbersome.

Blue Horizons were commissioned to solve these problems and so we redeveloped the site on our recommended global ecommerce platform, Shopify. We migrated all the content across from their existing WordPress content management system and redesigned the user interface to focus more on what they wanted their customers to be viewing. The online shop became much more prominent and the products organised more clearly.

We reduced the complexity of the back-end systems and dramatically increased the speed of the site for visitors (and their own internal team). The results so far have been fantastic:

Pages per session have almost doubled, the bounce rate has decreased from 53% to 15%, the page load time is 4 times faster and the actual onsite users have expressed their pleasure in a better performing website through the interactive forum.

The new site looks good, and certainly faster than before!

- Customer, Hobbs House Bakery

See for yourself: