Project brief

CONTRA is the creation of Paul Sinton-Hewitt, the founder of parkrun. Paul’s ambition was to create a sportswear brand that truly supported and encouraged 'movement for everyone' whilst ensuring all sourcing of their range met the highest ethical manufacturing standards.

After trading for nearly a year and with very much a 'self-start' approach to their website design, CONTRA approached Blue Horizons to provide a more professional and contemporary look for their website along with offering additional support with marketing and design.

Creation & functionality

We redesigned the CONTRA website from top to bottom, choosing a flexible theme to ensure a cost effective and efficient base to build upon. We evolved the existing brand elements, creating a modern looking backdrop to key images and introduced bespoke page layouts to develop the brand message further.

Each product page features its only template too in order to ensure every garment is a hero in its own right, providing close up images and additional bullet point features to give customers a chance to explore texture and materials.

"Thanks for all your effort - the website looks, fantastic, we've have some great feedback, and sales over the weekend were terrific!"

Russ Jefferys, Contra
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