Project brief

Kaniz is a range of dry body oils focused on the clients grandmother's love for Zanzibar and their traditions. The products reflect and are inspired by the nations wisdom and ancient traditions of beauty, health and wellness traditions.

Kaniz came to Blue Horizons with branding and packaging but needed help creating and setting up a Shopify store that would convey their mission. Kaniz aims to enrich the lives of others by helping them feel, live, and look their best through their products and ingredients.

Design & functionality

In order to ensure the Kaniz mission was portrayed across the site and carried through to external marketing, we actioned product and creative photography that reflected the ingredients and the feel the Kaniz brand has. We then created bespoke artwork and imagery that is used with and behind the product photography to create a botanical, natural and organic feel and helped to reinforce the aim of customers slowing down and enjoying each moment in life.

The artwork we created for a website was then carried over to a selling sheet we designed and produced for the client to send out to their wholesale customers to inform them of the brand and their mission and showcase their product line.

"Partnering with Blue Horizons was the best decision I made in 2020. There are so many wonderful things I could say about Blue Horizons pre and post partnership experience. They understand your brand, it's values and who it's potential customers are in order to tailor their services to your needs and make your customers happy."

Kumail Nasser, Kaniz
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