Pizza Pilgrims

Project brief

Pizza Pilgrims serves slow-proved Neapolitan pizza in both their own pizzerias and at events across the UK. All of their dough is made fresh daily and they source the best ingredients Italy has to offer in order to bring you the best possible pizza base going. As any Neapolitan will tell you – its all about the crust!

After Covid-19 struck, all of their 12 pizzerias had to close. Stuck with what to do they decided to set up their own Shopify store and fumbled together a way to sell pizza-in-a-frying-pan kits. This immediately went crazy, selling out in minutes but they realised that their method of creating products for each day just didn’t work - so they enlisted our help in improving the process.


Shopify Redesign

Creation & functionality

We helped to streamline the buying process using one product and a date picker for their customers and staff alike (rather than a different product set up for every delivery date!), making it scalable for the growth plans they had. We assisted in setting restricted order quantities, adding additional pages for ‘how to’ and refining the mobile experience for an easier customer experience.

With their new store, sales were through the roof. Pizza Pilgrims have had great press coverage including an appearance on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch, a spread in the Sunday Times and a piece on the Shopify Podcast which you can listen to here! They even trended on Twitter with #pizzainthepost

"Marcus took our rather unexpected phone call about us wanting the sell “Pizza that we send through the post” and he didn’t laugh at our stupid idea once. He has helped us turn our own, first, incredibly rudimentary efforts at a Shopify site into a slick online platform from both a front and back end POV. Thanks for all the hard work and the belief!”

Thom, Pizza Pilgrims
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