Seize the day!

Procrastination is a big thing in our house at the moment.  That's because it's exam time and my daughter will do anything to avoid revising.  As my son so drolly said:  "She could write a book on procrastination if she ever got around to it"!

It seems as if this mood of procrastination is affecting a lot of other people at the moment as well.  Maybe it's because the summer holidays are nearly here and we're getting boat happy, or maybe it's more to do with the new Government - we want to hear their plans before finalising ours.

Either way, it is crippling for business.  Any business, however big or small, simply cannot afford to procrastinate in the current environment.  Procrastination means you stagnate - nothing is done, so nothing changes.

One of the main procrastination-inducing fears is that you might do something wrong, or something might fail.  Time for my favourite saying:  "You are not a failure if you don't succeed, you are only a failure if you don't try".

Try not to get hung up on the tiny details that don't really matter.  With websites, they can always be changed.  Printed literature is not so easily or cheaply changed, but you can rest assured that we will not let you make any costly mistakes - that's what we're here for.

And your marketing materials are going to be a lot more effective if they are out there, being used and looked at, than if they are sitting on your desk for weeks or months.

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