Hosting Glossary

Website hosting glossary of terms

As part of our open and transparent business philosophy, we like to take the opportunity to explain many technical terms in the services we provide. Our website and email hosting services, being technical by nature, sometimes require a little education to understand. If you are new to websites, email or hosting, we hope the following reference guide will be of use.

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Marketing Partner - Success Story

My Best Friend Dog Care has recently welcomed on board its first franchisee after launching this new area of the business within the last 12 months. We explain what we did to help them achieve this goal.

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SEO: Still not dead, but are you killing it?

Is seo dead

SEO has been with us for a long time. Ever since search engines have existed to crawl the data on our websites, it has been important to ensure that those websites can be found for the products or services they offer. Over the years many experts, non-experts and cynics have suggested that SEO is dead, this article explains if this is the case.

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