The secret of their success - Irish Dentist Awards 2012

On Wednesday 25th January, my colleague Zoe and I attended the inaugural Irish Dentist Awards held at the Mansion House in Dublin. We were attending as a guest of publishing giants, FMC.

This ceremony was recognising the talents and excellence of dental practices across the whole of Ireland. With industry award's already being extremely well valued in the UK, it was interesting to see how this kind of event would go down with the Irish market.

The field was exceptionally competitive, but we were extremely proud to be able to support two long term clients who were up for a total of 8 awards between them.

After a fantastic meal and great company (thanks for making it a memorable evening Stuart and Emma Aherne) we got ready for the nail biting awards part. The hour flew by and at the end our client Seapoint Clinic had managed to win Best Website, while Bray Dental came away with Best Marketing.

There is no question that these awards are set be a regular event in Ireland for the coming years - thanks FMC!

How they did it

Although we can't take any credit for the Best Website (as we didn't have anything to do with this part), we were integral to Bray's Best Marketing, having produced the award entry itself as well as creating all the materials that formed their campaigns over the preview 12 months.

I think everyone appreciates that marketing is vital to the success of any business. But for marketing to work it needs to blend the 7P’s to perfection in order to maximise profit from new and existing patients.

Bray Dental have created highly effective marketing campaigns that target the right kinds of patients, through the right mediums with the right message.

For any practice to succeed in this economic climate, it requires an effective brand. Bray Dental’s visual identity stands out whenever displayed and forms a core part of all their dental marketing.

The simple, stylish stationery helps convey a professional approach in all communications. While the chic, quality, informative welcome packs reflect the level of dentistry on offer.

But it’s the practice website that really comes into its own. The site is attractive, uncluttered, extremely easy-to navigate and above-all informative. Its use of simple, easily accessible menus, large engaging images and patient-friendly copy help ensure a pleasant journey throughout. In support, the regular calls-to-action, encouraging visitors to interact, ensure effectiveness from every hit.

Bray Dental understands the importance of communicating with their existing patients and knows that effective marketing begins in the practice.

Patients are kept loyal with bi-annual newsletters, providing information on the services on offer, educating them about the importance of oral health and attending the practice regularly and helping increase treatment uptake.

Bray stays in touch with its existing patients through its Facebook page. This provides additional information and news on new services being offered, as well as tips on maintaining a happy, healthy smile.

Word of mouth referrals are also encouraged after every visit by the provision of an incentivised referral card.

They communicate regularly with their patients and potential patients, so that whenever they decide they need their services, its Bray Dental that springs immediately to mind.

Not wanting to rest on their laurels Bray Dental have created highly successful marketing campaigns throughout the year. Their regular, consistent and integrated approach sets them apart from the competition and has become the benchmark for all practices to aspire to. They really do demonstrate how dental marketing should be done.


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