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Following the success of our previous SEO articles, we felt it time to discuss why it is important for SEO to be considered as part of your brand image. After all, SEO has become another opportunity to present your business and it's ethos, so make sure it attracts the right visitors.

To keep this article clear and simple, when talking about SEO we refer to its widely-documented implementation, which consists of the following:

  1. Ensuring the content of each page on your website is meaningful and unique.
  2. Researching and choosing appropriate keywords/phrases that match what your identified visitors will search for.
  3. Removing or re-writing pages with duplicate content, which can have a detrimental effect on your SEO.
  4. Removing overly-used keywords/phrases or links, widely known as 'keyword stuffing' or 'link farming'.
  5. Placing the keywords/phrases within the text/code of each page.
  6. Submitting your website to search engines to be considered for approval.

When looking at your SEO, it is important to correctly identify your intended visitors and attract them with appealing and relevant content, so as to encourage them to click through and further enquire about your products and services.

As part of your marketing strategy, SEO can not only help search engines index your website, it can also strengthen your business presence. It is simple and logical enough, but it is very important to avoid deception and manipulation when deploying SEO. Be wary of companies that guarantee position 1 in Google using manipulative keyword association, especially when presented with impressive SEO reports that don't actually bring new clients to your business. Scrupulous SEO is commonplace and it can reflect negatively on any business.

Because a client’s first encounter with your business is often through a search engine these days, there has never been a better time to distinguish your business from what Google CEO Eric Schmidt describes as the “cesspool” of websites, by encouraging branding. Internet users have little patience and are increasingly ruthless in finding what they want, with 8 in 10 dismissing anything that vaguely resembles advertising or spam, so balancing SEO with meaningful and quality content is very important in your business marketing.

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