Better Websites for Businesses

So you like your website and it meets all your personal goals and requirements. But what we encourage every  business owner to ask is "how can we make it even better for our business?"

At Blue Horizons, we help clients understand that successful marketing depends upon an equally successful harmony between your business brand and it's relevance to your clients. Working together we can ensure that your business can extend branding presence at all client contact points so that your clients can connect with you more naturally. Closing the gap between online presence and offline presence is very important if you want to ensure that your business can keep up in today's competitive environment.

Join the many businesses that come to understand how important a good business strategy is to a successful business. Looking for new ways to promote and improve your website presence is key to expanding your client base.  If you want your website to yeild better results for example (perhaps your SEO report showed a high number of visits but your business accounts showed poor numbers), then we will help you look at new ways to make your business grow and continue to be the success it should be.

Here are some suggestions on how your website can go that extra mile.

  • Always show your clients that you care about their needs.
  • Keep connected with your clients. People want easy and natural access to businesses.
  • Remember, your brand is reflecting business services you provide. Not personal taste.
  • Ensure your website reflects your business brand at each contact point.
  • Make your website a pleasant experience for mobile device users.
  • Provide supplemental information such as available facilities and disabled access.
  • Know when your website is displaying too much information.
  • Make it easy for people to get help and encourage contact.
  • Avoid adding SEO spam and keep the website simple and organised.
  • Identify when good SEO numbers actually make bad business numbers.
  • Drop fads such as intro pages and Flash.
  • Add location photography if you are fortunate to have a beautifully scenic environment.
  • If clients love your personable and friendly staff, then emphasise this through photography.
  • Display opening times and if relevant payment options to keep people properly informed.
  • Link your maps to Google maps, or better still, create personalized Google maps.
  • Add social feedback features such as Facebook like box.
  • Display social testimonials to display your good relationship with clients.
  • Bring your person-facing business presence to life with video testimonials (videomonials).
  • Organize content with semantic structure (microdata schema) wherever possible.
  • Have your website code professionally optimized for faster loading times.
  • Animation and interactivity can look cool, but know when it is inappropriate for your own business.
  • Blogs, forums, social media and newseletters to keep contact open with your clients.
  • And again, always show your clients that you care about their needs.

Extra visual interest can also make for an enthusiastic starting point between a business and designer, but be sure it isn't used at the expense (or even substitution) of quality content. There is a place for personal presence and there is a place for businesses to differentiate themselves, and it is crucial for your business to know which will convert to better leads where your website is concerned.

Treating your website as an arm of your business is key to it's long-term success. Define your business goals as your very first step and know how to reach out to your clients using solutions such as social marketing and SEO, without losing your business focus.