Why promotional mailers are still a fantastic marketing tool

Are you looking to tell people about your business? Do you want to obtain new clients? Are you looking to promote an event, a product or service, or a particular offer? And do you want to do all this at great value? Then promotional mailers and door drops are a great way of achieving these goals.

Door drops are a way of getting your message in front of members of the public, not waiting for them to find you. More than eight out of ten people in the UK are happy to receive a door drop leaflet if it is on a topic of interest to them and in addition, 30% of recipients purchase as a direct result of them**! So if the message is right, then people will happily respond! This contradicts the view that consumers perceive the channel as ‘junk’ mail.

And because door drops generate the highest response of any direct marketing including tv, radio and email, at 7%*, then they’re a great method of generating new business.

Using Royal Mail for door drops

Although postage costs themselves are on the increase, Royal Mail offers a fantastic value door to door solution. The beauty of a Royal Mail door drop is that it arrives with the rest of the post. This means that people automatically look at your leaflet to decide whether it’s relevant for them which gives you a second or two to get your message across.

The door drop channel provides an inherently tangible form of communication, which differentiates it from the majority of the advertising messages consumers receive. Consumers say they like receiving information in this physical format as it confers practical benefits, such as the ability to retain the leaflet in a visible place where it can act as a reminder. Whereas radio or television adverts are easily forgotten, door drops by their nature stay visible to the consumer.

Research has proven that over half of UK adults say door drop leaflets are useful for finding out about local information and events without them actively having to seek the information out for themselves. People also don’t want to miss out on an offer or bargain. The benefits people associate with receiving a useful door drop often outweigh their concerns about those that aren’t applicable.

Top tips for an effective door drop or mailing campaign:

Once you’ve decided that you want to do a door drop, you’ll need to make sure that the mailer has every chance possible of working. Here are a few pointers:

  • Get attention fast

    People have short attention spans so door drops work best when their message is clear and immediately understandable. However tempting it is to include as much information as you can, you’ll get better results by keeping things simple
  • Where’s the customer benefit?

    Make sure a clear customer benefit comes through straight away. Remember your audience and tailor your message so it’s immediately relevant to them
  • Multi messages

    Although you need to be concise, you can advertise a range of products or services on one leaflet – this allows the consumer to choose for themselves the most relevant products
  • Give a compelling reason to act now

    Give the consumer an incentive to retain and redeem your door drop by offering them a discount
  • Make it easy to reply

    Include a clear phone number and link to your website. You can explain in more detail the message with a landing page that ties in with the message (great for tracking too)

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*The British Marketing Survey, December 2010
** Marketing Week, February 2011**


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