Social Media:Business Strategy

Social media is the place to market a business these days.  Using social media is great if it works for a business, but promoting social media on a business website requires strategy to succeed.

  • Low follower figures or non at all are a clear sign that you are not of social interest. Fear not however, a better marketing strategy would be to wait until sufficient interest has been achieved before announcing your social stature. Every business has to start from a blank following.
  • Prominent social links but no new customers. Instead of adding friends to increase follower numbers, try to actually win new customer interest with planned business strategies such as offering attractive offers (1% off services is unlikely to attract interest) or promoting community activity.
  • Personal language and interests can reflect badly on businesses. There is nothing wrong with personal presence on social media amongst friends, but customers can rightly expect businesses to engage with them in a manner that holistically reflects their offline persona.
  • Buy facebook likes and twitter followers if you want to appear popular. If however, you want actual customers, invest in improving and marketing your services and products so that they are attractive to customers.
  • Little activity receives little activity. Social media demands 24/7/365 commitment and responsiveness. It is as much about customers wanting to be listened to than it is about you talking to them, so use this to your marketing advantage.

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