The importance of good signage - Part 1: External

The signage at your business is one of the most cost effective marketing tools available to you. It should be acting as a key source that generates constant enquiries, new business and thus profit. But more often than not we see businesses with poorly designed, low quality signs that have clearly be seen more as an afterthought than as a key part of an overall marketing strategy.

Often these signs have been added at a later stage as part of a refurbishment, aren't produced very well or are designed by a local signage company who don't really have the design skills available to maximise these items and instead offer this 'free of charge' to ensure they get your order.

At Blue Horizons we understand how important any signage is to your business. It provides that all important first impression and thus reflects the quality of your offering to potential and existing clients. It can also help reinforce your brand and provide an immediately recognisable and consistent element as part of the wider marketing mix. External signage is your opportunity to get across who you are, where you are and what you do.



Signage needs to be seen as an investment, yes it can cost a lot, but it's going to be in place for years and thus should provide you with a real return on this investment, time and time again.


Choosing your signage company is a critical part of the process and an important decision to make. At Blue Horizons we work with a trusted signage partner who have the skills, service, and most importantly in our opinion, the quality to match what we try and offer our own customers. They understand the importance of good design in terms of the individual signs and thus ensure that they leave this part to ourselves as the professional marketing/design company. We've spent a number of years trying to find the right signage partner to work with ourselves and our clients and so we understand how difficult this can be for our own customers to do. That's why we offer a comprehensive signage design, build and installation service for our clients so that they don't have to spend the time and potential expense in finding the right partner for their signage.


Another key benefit of our offering, and something that more and more clients are taking advantage of, is our option to show you what the proposed signage will look like in situ. We take photos of the various locations and superimpose the proposed signage designs in place through PhotoShop, thus enabling you to truly visualise what the signage will look like on your premises without having to imagine or guess. We have even repainted exteriors and interiors as part of the visualising process when a client has been considering more of a complete refurbishment or decor change!


We also help you to choose the right type of sign, the right materials, where it should go and what it should say. So take a look at some of the great before and after examples within this blog to show you what can be achieved. And if you have any questions or are considering new or additional signage on your business, give us a call on 01242 236600 so we can chat through the options you have or email me,

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