Australia Luxe - Case Study

Australia Luxe - Case Study

The problem

We were approached by Tara from Australia Luxe to help finalise their UK/EU store. As a large brand outside of Europe, they needed to increase their presence across the UK and the rest of the EU. 

They had a new UK site that was being developed with a different supplier, but this had stumbled and was delayed considerably, so they turned to us to help.

The solution

The site we inherited was set up on the Shopify platform, but we quickly chose to recreate this on a more robust theme to meet the requirements in terms of delivery and to ensure it was future-proof and scalable.

One of the benefits of Shopify is the ability to get something set up quickly and efficiently, knowing the platform handles all the core purchasing behaviour without fuss and with complete reliability.

Choosing a premium theme, we took the design inspiration from their existing .com site, whilst taking into consideration different users on different devices, especially mobile, more into consideration.

The clean, stylish brand lent itself to a minimal theme that really shows off the products, whilst incorporating the lifestyle imagery in an attractive way.

The site was launched within 48 hours and the client was really pleased with the speed and flexibility we showed in our approach.

What our client said

Thank you to you and to Kelsey for helping me beat the clock and getting the site live so quickly, it's great.

Tara, Australian Luxe

You can see the website here at Australia Luxe

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