Creating fun, playful imagery

Helping the brand to stand out

Superzeros have created a revelatory protein-rich, low-carb, and sugar-free breakfast cereal that tastes out of this world. Founder Noel is a cereal lover with a sweet tooth but wanted to create something healthy as well as tasty.

In order to engage the audience it was important that any imagery used replicated the fun, vibrant nature of the brand's identity. Noel wanted to emphasise that Superzeros is a tasty, nutritious snack but with a nod to traditional cereals of the past and so commissioned a bespoke photoshoot through Blue Horizons. The aim was to create a library of creative imagery that they could use on all their marketing materials.

The results are a dynamic, fun and enticing selection of images that really helps the brand stand out in what is becoming a crowded market place.

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