Free App of the Month: PixPix Image Editor

Free App of the Month: PixPix Image Editor

If you're looking to edit your product images or other photos for your website but don't have any software on your computer or laptop to help, then we've found an app that offfers a great free plan to help get you started.

PixPix image editor is a simple to use editor with lots of image editing options enabling you to easily resize, crop or modify your product images. 

What does PixPix Image Editor do?

PixPix Image Editor is a much less daunting (and less expensive) option to Photoshop and has pretty much all the tools that you would need in order to edit product images for your Shopify store.

PixPix have a simple and intuitive interface, you can browser your products listing or directly search for a specific product using keyword search.  The simple interface allows you to find the product and images you want to edit.

Watch this quick video below to find out more.

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