FREE App of the month: Shopify Search & Discovery

FREE App of the month: Shopify Search & Discovery

We thought it would useful if we provided our recommendations for the best free apps for your Shopify store. Apps that we think offer great features and functionality, and, best of all - are free!

Shopify Search & Discovery

Click on the title above to take you to the app. Please be aware that you will need to be on a 2.0 Shopify theme in order to have the Search & Discovery app.

What does it do?

With the Shopify Search & Discovery app you can help customers find the right products by reducing friction and offering an optimised experience:

  • Product filters in collection pages
  • Customise on site search results
  • Customise product recommendations

There are 5 default filter options:

  1. Product availability
  2. Price
  3. Product type
  4. Vendor
  5. Tags

However, you can display up to 25 filters for your store using:

  • Product variants - such as colour and size
  • Metafields - ability to be more specific and organised than using tags

This enables you to customise your store filters to specifically meet how your target customers wish to search and shop.

Key features

  • Customise filters to let shoppers refine their search by multiple categories.

  • You can assign particular search terms to your products to help them display better when a customer searches for a specific term. For example you can make synonym groups such as 'Knitwear' to encompass the terms jumper, cardigan, pullover, sweater and vest.

  • AND logic - help buyers find what they need faster with logic-specific filters.

  • Customise the sort order - with the Search & Discovery app you are able to set your own custom sort order for filter values by creating a single line text metafield with preset choices and then dragging and dropping to create the preferred order. 

  • Use product boosts to feature products you want highlighted in search results.

  • Add related and complementary products on product detail pages.
  • Access analytics to understand your store’s search and discovery performance.

Get it touch if you would like help setting up the Shopify Search & Discovery app for your store.


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