How to get your website found

How to get your website found
Having a great website is only part of the marketing jigsaw. Marketing is pretty much everything that you do, so for your website to perform its best, the rest of your marketing needs to be working towards helping you secure ongoing, profitable sales for your business.

Where are your marketing leaks?

We would thoroughly recommend that you check out Bryony Thomas’ Watertight Marketing’ – helping you look at your marketing bucket and fixing any leaks. Check out our previous blog here

How to proactively drive traffic to your website with SEO – search engine optimisation

The foundations for good SEO are:
• A website that is easy to navigate with content grouped in logical categories
• A responsive website that can adapt and deliver the best experience to users whether they’re on their desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone
• Having optimised the actual page content – formulate descriptive rich keyword content (think product titles and descriptions), using meta data and images
• Provide useful ‘housekeeping’ content – contact pages, policies
• A website that isn’t bloated and therefore takes too long to load
• Create content of interest to your target audience not just on your website but also via social media and guest blogs to assist in link building
• Monitor and analyse how your audience find and use your content, then revise and update accordingly

Top tip – use your Google search console/ Google Analytics to verify ownership of your website and optimise your Google My Business Listing.

How to proactively drive traffic to your website with SEM – search engine marketing

There are various options when it comes to marketing your website on Google or other search engines. We’re going to focus on Google as they have the largest market share by far:

Search Ads - good for products and services specifically when you have certain categories/brands/products/services that you want to promote with priority.


Google Ads boosts overall brand awareness by 80% - WebFx

Shopping Ads - great for ecommerce and physical stores to showcase their inventory through product based ads

Search for ‘blue wellies’

Display Ads - great for building brand awareness and growing brand reach, good for new products/brands/services and increasing brand recognition.


89% of the traffic generated by Google Ads is not replaced by organic clicks when ads are paused - Google AI Blog

Video Ads - great for brands who want to tell their story, be in front of the camera, get more brand reach and awareness and who can’t explain the benefits of their products/services in a single image or text ad.

Local Ads - for local tradespeople, shops, restaurants etc who are looking to drive footfall and increase awareness about their brand.


Benefits of Google Ads

● Controllable - over how much you spend and when - you only pay when someone clicks on or views your ads (depending on ad type)
● Targeted - you choose the audience, location, times of day to show ads, the devices they appear on and how often they appear
● Measurable - there are lots of metrics that help you make sense of your advertising campaigns - i.e. clicks, views, sales, leads, sales value, SIS*, CPC*, cost/conv, ROAS*

*SIS = defined as the Number of Impressions you have received, divided by the approximate number of impressions you were eligible to receive.”
CPC = cost per click
ROAS = return on advertising spend

Forty-three percent of visitors bought something for the first time after seeing Google Ads - clutch


Remarketing means showing your ads to people who have already made a connection with your brand - i.e. visiting your website. Google uses cookies to collect details of who has already visited your site and you can build up audience lists to retarget in the future.

Remarketing is great for increasing conversions and ROI (return on investment) as people who have already connected with your brand are more likely to convert.

Remarketing is for those brands who think long term as it takes time to build up audiences. However, the wait is worth it as remarketing ads tend to have a 2-3 times higher CTR (click through rate).

Need some help?

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