Hardy Games - Case Study

Hardy Games - Case Study


Hardy Games is a small business specialising in the gaming world and predominately selling through online marketplaces. Although this route proved very successful, they decided that the time was right for them to branch out on their own and to sell direct to consumers which would enable them to sell the same quality products but at a fraction of the price.  

The service provided by Hardy Games and their USP of fast delivery times are enough to encourage repeat custom, but Hardy Games were keen to have a reward element within their customer journey to furthermore reward their customers and encourage them to purchase directly.

What We Did – Branding

First step was a new brand image and logo. Hardy Games wanted their logo to be instantly recognisable and they wanted to ensure that they had a cohesive look across all marketing efforts.  It was important that the new logo reflected the brand and its gaming nature.

At BH we love to get creative and help our clients bring a vision to life.  It all starts with an idea; this gets created and presented to the client and then we work together to develop the concept.

For Hardy Games it was important that gaming was evident at first glance with the logo. We also wanted to ensure that we were helping create a profile for their name so wanted to try and keep their name/initial present.

A few options were presented to the client. 

Hardy games logo options


These were discussed and refined and the final logo was selected. The new logo brings together the name of the company whilst also bringing in elements from the digital and gaming world with a digital pixel and a D-pad control image. 

Hardy games logo


New Online Presence

The answer to a better online presence was a new Shopify website which we created for them. They can now easily update their website syncing from their inventory management platform, Linnworks, whilst knowing that they have a checkout process which is fast and secure and easy for customers to navigate. The reward element was no problem with a Shopify website as there is “an app for that”. By installing the Bold app every customer who purchases on the site can create an account and gain points for every purchase which can be redeemed against future purchases. This helps the customer to form a long term relationship with Hardy Games.   


Hardy games website


Additional Marketing Collateral

With a new brand image and new website we have been able to work with Hardy Games on additional marketing collateral. We have designed and created core stationery for them, branded clothing & pens and a promotional flyer which was used in existing market place orders offering customers 10% off their first direct order.

HG clothing and stationary


Hardy Games recognised that they needed a new image and a new website to help take them to the next level. Here at Blue Horizons, we have created this for them and have provided them with the assets to help springboard them into their next chapter.


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