How do you make customers stick? Use G.L.U.E

How do you make customers stick? Use G.L.U.E

G.L.U.E - Giving Little Unexpected Extras - the notion of something being unexpected makes it more memorable and helps to build relationships, loyalty and retention.

GLUE is what you use after you have all of your core ‘materials’ in place. There is no point providing an added extra when your core offering isn’t on par. You must make sure that expectations are met with any potential problems being minimised before you go about trying to exceed them. Communication is a key component - making sure that you keep customers informed along the way.

Be sincere, be on brand

Everything that you do should come back to the core values of the business and why you set up in the first place. Your brand is your promise to your customers. You have a responsibility to deliver what you say you will in terms of benefits to your customers, consistently, every time.

Consumers are very discerning these days and have high expectations; you need to deliver. Even if you make a mistake, it is how you handle it that will leave the lasting impression.

Your brand gives your products/offering personality and thereby enables customers to make an emotional connection with you.

There are five key elements to a successful brand:

  • Clarity: consistently delivers a clear, unambiguous message
  • Credibility: it needs to be believable & trustworthy
  • Connection: makes an emotional connection with your audience
  • Motivation: affirms their choice and elicits a call to action
  • Loyalty: establishes, encourages and maintains a long term relationship

Look at all the customer touch points in your business and all the areas where you can use G.L.U.E.

Be relevant, well timed and personal 

For any added extras to make an impact they need to make sense – for your brand and for your customer.

Unexpected extras don’t need to cost a lot, they just need to be well-considered gestures which your customer will really value. Focus on the first and last impressions and ways in which you can make memorable little added extras. Even simple follow-up calls or hand-written notes can go a long way in terms of cementing a relationship.

Unexpected maintenance, a gesture in line with shared values, for example, allowing customers to donate unwanted orders to a good cause, providing tips and tricks as part of the packaging, a free product sample, unexpected discounts and so forth.

You are not only wanting your customer to be delighted, but you are also wanting to spark a shareable moment – the little unexpected extra that makes such an impression they tell their friends and family about you, they share their experience on social media and ultimately, they become a brand advocate.

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