How to grow your average order value in Shopify

How to grow your average order value in Shopify

It is always easier to sell more to people who have already purchased from you, rather than acquiring new customers. However, you can get caught up in acquisition metrics as a key indicator of success, often resulting in neglecting retention metrics such as AOV – average order value.

Know your numbers and where to find them

Quick reminder of averages:

  • Mean – the average value of all orders
  • Median – the middle value of all orders
  • Mode – the most frequently occurring order value

From your Shopify Admin area head over to > Analytics. Within the > Dashboard are standard reports such as AOV (average order value), but you can even build your own reports to track the data specific to your needs* (please note that some report options might be dependent on your monthly plan).

*If the type of report you need isn't available, then there are various apps available to help extend reporting functionality.

Ideas to help grow your AOV

  1. Create an order minimum for free shipping and other gifts – this gently nudges customers to spend more
  2. Bundle products or create packages – offers value to the customer that costs less than purchasing the items separately, you can create an all-in-one solution – for example a skincare set or complete clothing outfits
  3. Upsell or cross sell complementary products – would you like a pastry with your coffee? – It is easy and appealing to offer low value upsells, but be careful to not upsell too much, instead be helpful rather than pushy. Consider recommending products like a friend would. Perhaps test with post-purchase upsells to see what effect this has.
  4. Set up a customer loyalty programme, especially if you sell frequently repurchased items, evolve your loyalty programme and/or subscriptions in line with customer preferences
  5. Provide live chat support for quick questions – this is particularly useful for those high ticket price items such as furniture. 

Our recommendations of the best apps to help

All apps listed below are hyperlinked so click on them to find out more.

Cross & up selling apps

Subscription apps

 Loyalty scheme apps

Live chat apps

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