Support: How we serve our clients

Support: How we serve our clients

At the heart of Blue Horizons lies a genuine passion for helping businesses. As an owner-led micro business ourselves, we 'get it' and our work ethic and ethos is based on treating our clients how we would wish to be treated ourselves.

Our aim is to help you future-proof your business, balancing the drive for achieving short-term goals with long-term sustainability and integrity.

How we serve our clients

We want our clients to enjoy interacting with Blue Horizons. Life can be pretty hectic, busy and often stressful so we want to ensure working with us is a positive experience. 

Creating your marketing collatoral should be enjoyable - seeing your vision come to life and helping you to achieve your dreams and goals in a timely and affordable manner.

Blue Horizons has been in business for over 20 years so we have gained a wealth of experience and knowledge during this time. Everyday is a school day and we are still learning, evolving and adapting in order to help serve our clients in the best way possible.

Although we have a set process of how we work in order to efficiently and effectively deliver, we also adjust and adapt to how you like to work; ensuring that we work together to get the best possible result.


Listening is the most important part of communication so we take the time to listen to your specific needs and circumstances.


Despite having collectively over 100+ years worth of marketing experience and having built in excess of 500 websites we are still actively learning each and every day. We genuinely enjoy problem solving and discovering work arounds with new ways to do things.


Once we have analysed a client's unique situation and needs and evaluated the various solutions, we will put forward our recommendation. Our recommendations are formed from our knowledge, experience and expertise.

Guide and support

Integrity is a core value at Blue Horizons so we will challenge you if we believe a particular route is/isn't recommended - due dilegence if you like. That being said, we are of course here to service our clients and we work with you, supporting you and your team throughout the process so that you feel in control at all times.


We dislike knowledge gatekeepers and the 'cloak and dagger' approach to service provision. We understand that clients come to us because they require professional help and guidance. At the same time we see a big part of our role is to empower our clients to help themselves - to inform, educate and share knoweldge.

Proactive or reactive?

When asking someone to be fully 'proactive', we're wanting them to take full ownership and responsibilty for a situation, acting in anticipation of future problems, needs or changes, often without our input.

When engaged on a project for a client we utilise our knowledge and experience and proactively provide guidance and support to ensure the best possible outcome to suit the unique circumstances of each of our clients.

However, as a small team we don't have the resources to be truly proactive for each and everyone of our clients, everyday - it just isn't viable. We can offer guidance and support, but taking responsbility for overall business strategy is outside of our remit.

Micro businesses are able to be responsive - there is no giant chain of command and complex structure, so you are able to easily flex and change course if need be. When issues crop up and need immediate attention we do our best to react quickly and help our clients as soon as possible.

Responsive is considered

Responsiveness implies thoughtful action that considers long and short term outcome in the context of the situation in hand.

Here at Blue Horizons we believe we are responsive rather than merely reactive. Our experience allows us to offer a valid perspective - having worked with over 500 different clients from all sectors and industries, we are able to creatively problem-solve tasks and come up with unique solutions to suit your requirements.


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