Selling event tickets with Shopify

Selling event tickets with Shopify

Sell tickets online with Shopify

The Need

The Big Retreat Wales is a brand new festival in Pembrokeshire, Wales which is dedicated to body, mind and soul. Set on a unique old castle terrace with one of the most spectacular views in the country, its all about being inspired, rejuvenated and restored.

They got in touch with Blue Horizons as they weren't happy with the initial website they'd created using the Wix, do-it-yourself platform. Although the platform looks simple on the face of it, we've had a number of clients struggling with its fiddly editing tools and the way sites are constructed. 

The Big Retreat were keen to relaunch their event over the Christmas period and were looking for a more professional-looking website that created the right initial impression of their festival.

The Solution

We proposed using the Shopify platform to help them to sell tickets for their event as this would create a site that looked professional, worked beautifully across multiple devices, was easier to manage and was scalable as their festival grew.

The festival has many different facets and so it was important to try and get this across on the homepage. We chose a flexible Shopify theme for the development as this allowed us to showcase a number of images on the homepage in the header area. The images illustrate the different parts of the festival so it immediately appeals to a wider audience. Messages can be added over the images when promotions are run or when specific parts of the festival need to be pushed.

The Big Retreat brand is very distinct and yet it was a little lost on the previous site. We ensured that the site had more personality and reflected the identity of the festival through interesting fonts, engaging imagery, creative language and textured background. 

See the site for yourself here at

Our client said

Very prompt and efficient service. Initial design and layout came through quickly and other add-ons and amends were dealt with efficiently and effectively.

- Diana Hinde, Founder

If you would like more information on how we can help you sell and promote your event on Shopify, then please give us a call on 01242 236600 or email us at 

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