Shopify Editions Summer 2024

Shopify Editions Summer 2024

Our focus here is a run through of updates announced by Shopify relevant to standard Shopify for UK based businesses. The full update including Shopify Plus features can be found here.

Markets - new unified home to more easily expand across B2B, retail, and regions, and tailor the customer experience for each.

Split shipping in checkout - allow customers more choice by splitting the order into multiple shipments. Customers can now get their order shipped to pickup points like parcel points and post offices.

New analytics - improved features including customisable dashboards and reports.

Billing - you can now pay your Shopify plan via Direct Debit (available in certain regions).

Themes - new style settings in themes to customise blocks.

Locations - sort and filter your locations to more easily manage settings such as store pick up, local delivery, POS and more.

POS - ship to and from retail stores - online orders can be transferred to customers preferred store to pickup.

POS - Digital receipts and capture of customer's email plus rules to streamline your in-store returns as well as creation of draft orders.

Search & Discovery:

  • Image filters for search
  • New product category filter in search
  • Sort your filters either manually or using AI

Metafields - bulk import and export.

Store credit - issue store credit to customers directly in admin, view balances and transaction history, and enable customers to spend their credit at checkout.

Product bundles  - now availble in draft orders and Shop

Stack discounts - process multiple discounts in a single retail checkout.

Shopify flow - more automated tasks are now included plus metafield values can now be more easily accessed.

SettingsSoon all plans will be able to efficiently manage billing, staff access, and more for multiple stores by combining them all under a single organisation.

Admin - context aware navigation with an intuitive top bar.

Coming soon - AI for media editing - easily transform images. 

As always, do get in touch if there is anything that you need any help, guidance or support with; we'd be delighted to help.

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