Spring clean your Shopify store

Spring clean your Shopify store

As the bulbs start to emerge and the days are getting longer and brighter, now is the perfect time to re-energise your Shopify store by having a good Spring clean!

Having a tidy, aesthetically-pleasing, well functioning store with excellent information creates a fantastic user experience and improves conversion rates and sales. Keeping your store tidy can also improve your store speed score, ensuring quicker load times.

So, where do you start?


  • Delete any unused pages (and make sure you create manual redirects for anything you hide or remove)
  • Check core pages - About Us - FAQ's - Shipping & Delivery - Returns - is everything up-to-date?
  • Remove any broken links and anything out of date (there are broken link checker apps out there to help with this part)
  • Policies - is your privacy policy up-to-date? Have you made any changes to your returns and refunds policies?


  • Is your store optimally organised? Are products in easy to find collections with a logical hierarchy?
  • Are there any out-of-date menu items, such as Christmas sale?
  • Are you making the best use of upsells and related products?
  • Is product filtering as detailed and effective as it could be?


  • Could now be a good time to change up your offers? Welcome offers, sign-ups, any promotional offers throughout the store.
  • What about looking at creating bundles, with or without incentives (we've got a great article about that here)?


  • Have a good inventory clear up - are there random draft products that need deleting? Do you have duplicated products?
  • Check through your product and SEO descriptions - are they consistent? Do they provide the customer with the information they need and want?
  • What about imagery? Are product images up-to-date? Are they consistent and appealing? Could add more images (or even videos) to help sell your products better to customers?
  • Do your tags need some work? Are you using several iterations for one tag/category?
  • What about variants? Is there a lack of consistency with your sizing? For example XS, Extra Small, extra small, Extra small, extra Small?! Using a Bulk Editing app to help clean up the variants in bulk could be a good investment.
  • Do you need to organise Filters to make shopping easier for your customers? 

Apps/Pug -ins

  • Have a check through all of your apps and plug ins and get rid of anything you're not using (this could save money as well as improve site speed). Make sure anything you do remove is uninstalled properly.
  • Do any of your apps or plug ins need updating?

The key to keeping your store tidy is regular maintenance. Try to get in the habit of having a monthly check over your store.

If you feel that your store could do with a bit of a refresh then get in touch, we'd love to help revamp your store.

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