Making dental care an affordable necessity

We had another client call this week, worried because his diary isn't very busy.  He's not alone - we've had similar calls, we know that dental business guru Chris Barrow has had his fair share too.  And a survey released earlier this year confirmed that the number of people visiting their dentist regularly is down 69%, the lowest figure since 2001.

Unsurprisingly, the survey also said it was the cost of dental care which is stopping most people (41%) from going.  Makes sense - the media may say we're out of a recession but there are a good 2.46 million unemployed people who might argue otherwise.  They're likely to be on tight budgets, and so are all those who have suffered pay cuts/freezes/etc over the past year or so.

But there are steps you can take to help fill those voids in your diary.  Write to your patients - remind them why it is so important to see you regularly.  Reactivate your dormant patients - they won't all come back, but some will.

And make your dental care affordable.  That doesn't mean cutting fees - it means helping patients to spread the cost with a monthly dental care plan.  It will help you to fill those diary spaces and maintain regular income, and it will help your patients to have a better standard of oral and potentially overall health.

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