Email - are you making the most of it?

Please bear with me, I'm about to get on my high horse about a pet peeve.  Why do so many dentists not bother with email?  I just don't understand it - it's the primary form of communication in the modern Western world, a key way to communicate with patients, and to have potential new ones get in touch with you.  Yet a huge percentage of UK dentists - probably in the region of 60-70% - don't use it as a business tool.

Many don't even offer potential patients the opportunity to send an email from their practice website.  Some have clearly made a substantial investment in their site and their SEO - and yet they are falling at the last hurdle, probably losing potential clients just because they don't offer them the chance to send a quick email.

We even had a client recently who refused to have his email address on his practice leaflet, on the grounds that it would only encourage people to use it!

If you want your practice to stagnate, then fine, keep your email address secret.  But if you want it to move forward, and to attract as many web-savvy patients as possible, then for goodness sake let them email you!  (And don't forget to email them back......)


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