The benefits of a patient newsletter


The main objective of a patient newsletter is to increase your profits. This regular communication can help you do this by:

  • Encouraging patient loyalty and making your patients feel valued. Patient newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your patients. They will be pleased that you have taken the time and effort to keep them informed. You should make sure all your patients receive a copy of the newsletter either by posting them out and/or giving them out at the practice.
  • Attracting new patients. You can increase awareness of the practice by distributing newsletters to homes in the local area. New housing developments are a particularly good target. You may also like to try distributing newsletters to local businesses where potential new patients may go such as health clubs, hair salons and beauty clinics.
  • Promoting new and existing services. Make sure patients know about the wide range of treatments that you offer. Well informed patients are more likely to ask for additional services. Case studies are a good way to show patients how their smile can be transformed. Use a newsletter to promote special offers to increase treatment uptake.
  • Promoting dental plans and interest free/low interest loans. Make patients aware of the options that are available to them to make their dental care more affordable. They are more likely to attend regularly and have additional treatments if they can spread the cost over several months rather than paying one lump sum.
  • Increasing patients’ awareness of preventive dentistry and educating them about the benefits of good oral healthcare. You may not get time to tell them everything you want to during their check-up appointments. You can use the newsletter to keep reminding them why their oral health is so important and why you are the best practice to help.
  • Reactivating dormant patients. We recommend keeping a database of dormant patients and sending a copy of your newsletter to them. You could include a covering letter letting them know you would like to see them again no matter how long since their last appointment. You can inform them of what is happening at the practice and remind them of why it is important to attend.
  • Encouraging referrals from existing patients. A patient newsletter can be an excellent way of getting your patients to refer their friends, family and neighbours to the practice. A short article in each issue of the newsletter is a good way to keep reinforcing this message. The success of this could be increased by including an incentive such as offering the referring patient a £20 M&S voucher when their friend attends their first appointment.
  • Winning over potential new patients. A professionally produced newsletter can create a positive image of the practice and impress anyone enquiring about your services. Patient newsletters can be used instead or as well as a brochure or welcome pack to help people decide that your practice is the one for them.

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