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How to stand out from the crowd: Branding


In today’s ever increasingly competitive market it is vital for your success to be able to differentiate yourself from the competition. 

Let’s go back to the beginning and look at your brand.  Branding isn’t just about having a nice logo and plastering it everywhere; it is so much more than that.  Your brand is the source of a promise to your clients/customers/patients and demonstrates your business’ entire philosophy about what you can do for them. 

It should start with defining who your target market is as your brand position resides more in their hearts and minds than it does yours.  It is your prospects/clients/customers/patients’ experience of your brand and how they perceive you to be that counts.  What you want to do is persuade, and then reaffirm that by choosing you they have made the right choice. 

You have to be client/customer/patient centric in your approach.  Everything else should feed to and from this.  Constantly ask yourself “what do my prospects/clients/customers/patients’ want?  What do they need?  What do they expect?  What is their perception of the value of what I provide?  How can I do better?” 

A good, strong brand:

  • Clearly and consistently delivers a clear message
  • Affirms & confirms your credibility
  • Makes an emotional connection with your target prospects
  • Creates a motivation for the buyer
  • Establishes, encourages and maintains loyalty 

Are you ‘on brand’ in all that you do?  Are you getting the right message across?  Look at the following: 

  • Visual identity and marketing communications including social media
  • You & your entire team – do not underestimate the importance of good personnel.  You need everyone within your organisation to be a brand ambassador.
  • The prospect/client/customer/patient journey.  Literally ensure that every touch point of your business is ‘on brand’. 

Get your brand’s personality across in all that you do.  Consider bespoke photography and video, using real testimonials and real people.  Yes, we live in an amazingly advanced digital age, but at the end of the day we are still human and as emotional beings we need to feel a connection.

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