Make it personal

This refers to both your business’s personality and also how you treat your clients. Show that your business has a unique personality that makes it stand out from crowd and treat your clients as individuals, providing a personalised service. 

If you get all this right you are likely to make your clients’ experiences of your business positive and memorable. If they go away happy they are likely to keep coming back. They may also consider additional services and/or recommend you to their friends and families. 

Firstly, consider your branding and what it says about your business. Are you differentiating your business from the competition? Are you sending out the right messages? Once you have addressed this and you are happy with your branding try to get your brand’s personality across in all that you do. 

Think about the environment. Is it welcoming and comfortable? You can express your individuality through colour and design choices. Aspects such as lighting, furniture and fittings all contribute to the unique look and feel of the environment. Personal touches such as fresh flowers, tasteful artwork and new magazines in reception are likely to create a good impression and help clients to feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Do not underestimate the importance of good personnel. Make sure that your staff sufficiently equipped to deal with all communications with clients in the best way possible. They should be friendly, professional and able to put clients at ease. Your team can make a massive contribution to the success of the business. 

Get to know your clients. They are more likely to be loyal if they feel a bond with you. Consider making notes about conversations such as where they are going on holiday and then ask them about it at their next visit. Take time to listen to your clients to ensure you meet their needs. It’s good practice to ask for feedback (and to act on it). 

Show it off. Bespoke photography can be a great way to portray the personal level of service on offer and to get across your business’s unique personality. A good photographer should be able to capture the feel of the business and how the team interact with the clients. Professional photography can form an integral part of your marketing material. 

Make your clients feel valued by communicating with them regularly. They will be pleased that you have taken the time and effort to keep them informed. A newsletter is a great tool for this. As well as promoting your services you can include team news to make it more personal. Address clients by name rather than blanket mailings to ‘dear client’.

One final suggestion is to gather testimonials from happy clients. These are great for endorsing your services and can add an extra personal touch to your marketing communications.

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