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Happy Birthday Blue Horizons – 10 years in Business

Happy Birthday Blue Horizons – 10 years in Business

 Blue Horizons have now officially been trading for 10 years – a whole decade of marketing under our belt.  I myself officially joined the company in April 2003 and here I am now in 2012 heading up the company. 

As with all journeys there have been high points and low points, fun and laughter and, admittedly, a few tears along the way!  I’m sure any other business will be able to identify with the feeling of pressure in this current climate.  However, it’s so important that we take the time to stand back and celebrate our achievements. 

  • Blue Horizons started life producing just one product – the dental patient newsletter.  Today we have grown to a full service agency providing everything under the banner of marketing communications - branding, printed literature, websites, social media and much more.   
  • Initially we solely worked with dental practices but as word of mouth referrals grew we started to work in other sectors.  Dentistry is still our largest sector and will hopefully continue to be so but rather than a drawback, our broader perspective from working within other sectors (as diverse as architects, a pet services directory, healthcare products and photographers) provides us with a more commercially rounded viewpoint – a healthy attribute I think! 
  • We have a great, longstanding team onboard at Blue Horizons, great because we really are a team.  We each have our specific skill sets and areas of speciality but we support each other and work together.  
  • We are truly grateful for the support and loyalty that our clients provide us, many of whom who have been us right from the very start. We really do value our clients above all else. 

As has always been our aim (and will continue to be) providing our clients with an excellent service is at the core of what Blue Horizons is about.  Everything is a learning curve and a continual path of improvement - we certainly didn’t predict that technology would advance at the rate it has over the last decade – that’s what keeps it all interesting!

 I’m personally very proud of what Blue Horizons has achieved during the past ten years and look forward to the next decade with great excitement and enthusiasm for what lies ahead.

 Happy Birthday Blue Horizons. 

“The goal is not to be better than the other man but to be better that your previous self.”   Hindu Proverb

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