The importance of good signage – Part 2: Internal

In my first blog about signage, the importance of good internal signage, I discussed why its critical that you get your signs designed and produced by a professional marketing company that you can trust. Your external signage is the first impression a new customer gets of your business and should be acting as a constant source of new enquiries. Internal signage is just as important and should be considered as part of your interior decor and overall customer experience.

The examples below showcase how key internal signage can really help transform a space and improve the aesthetic of a business. Internal signage should reinforce the visual identity of the business and reflect the brand attributes.

  1. A quality perspex panel behind the reception desk can showcase a modern, clean, professional environment.
  2. A desk wrap is immediately recognisable and provides people with reassurance that they are in the right place as well as having a strong visual impact.
  3. The full colour wall graphic is stylish, and creates an impressive visual backdrop.
  4. The cut metal letters ooze quality and reflect the high end look perfectly.

At Blue Horizons we understand how important any signage is to your business.

  • It forms a key part of a customer journey through your business
  • It reflect the brand attributes and provides a level of comfort for a visitor when there is continuity in a business' visual identity
  • It acts as directional messages and helps reassure visitors that they are in the right place (for example if your business is a dental practice then you can add to a patient's anxiety if they struggle to find the right room to go into)
  • It acts a tangible means to judge the quality of a business' quality and service provision

All these are important reasons why your internal signage should be working for you, so why do so many businesses look at their internal signs as more of an afterthought? We've dealt with lots of clients who have gone through a complete refurbishment, but not thought about the central role that their signage needs to play in the internal workings.

At Blue Horizons we'll help you plan your new refurb so that signage plays an integral role and we'll also help you visualise how your new refurb is likely to look and how the signage can become part of this. You can see with some of the examples below how we've shown a client the transformation that a new paint colour can have and how their branding can work with this.


We've even demonstrated how a client's signage can be used to get across the importance of your oral health and thus convey key messages on the walls of their business!

So make sure you really consider your signage when you set up a business or go through a refurb and choose a partner you can trust. We'll help you to choose the right type of sign, the right materials, where it should go and what it should say.

If you have any questions or are considering new or additional signage on your business, give us a call on 01242 236600 so we can chat through the options you have or email me,

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