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You’ve probably heard that Google has completely rewritten its quality ratings guidelines by now and that it’s all about E-A-T, which is a website’s ‘expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness.

Google wants to drive traffic to the websites they feel give users the best overall user experience. This means that to improve your search engine ranking you need to create useful, relevant content. The content should be in a highly readable format for the end users that adds value, that’s shared and that demonstrates that your business is an expert and the leader in its field.

Supplementary content

While previously the quality ratings guide focused on the main content of the page, there is a new emphasis on supplementary content and types of supplementary content as well. Gone are the days where you can have a high quality page with just navigation for the supplementary content. While most people consider secondary content to be strictly navigation and perhaps the footer, Google now wants sites to look at other types of secondary content, with a particular emphasis on content that suggests related content on a site.

Mobile friendly websites

To ensure you are serving your customers with the best experience and to stay ahead of your competition, you also need to provide an appropriate mobile experience. Mobile marketing has grown dramatically and will continue to do so, therefore a mobile website is no longer just a nice to have.

So with 2.9 billion people using the internet worldwide, 1.28 billion Facebook users and £35.3 billion spent online in the UK alone last year, and with Google changing its algorithms so frequently, how can you stay on top with your online marketing and make the most of your website?

A specialist service

SEO is such a specialist area, constantly changing and evolving so we’re here to work with you and ensure you are making the most of your online marketing. Our SEO work would begin with a FREE audit of your business or dental website and current position. This is an essential part of the online marketing strategy, it will determine exactly how your website is performing so that we can recommend the best solutions going forward to meet your objectives and have a means of comparison for future activity. As a result of the audit we will then produce a tailored proposal that will include recommendations for ongoing search engine optimisation.

Want your SEO to fly?

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