Why wouldn't you sell your dental products online?

So you run a dental practice, and you sell toothpastes, brushes, floss and TeePees to your patients after their appointments? And you offer these to every patient you see and they all buy these from reception? I'm guessing that probably isn't quite the case and that most go away either not knowing you offer great value dental sundries (because you and your team forget to tell them), don't think they need them or say they aren't ready to buy them there and then. Well that's where an online dental shop should come in. With over 73% of the UK population buying goods for delivery via the internet at least once a month, with nearly 24% doing so every week*, ask yourself the question, why wouldn't you sell your dental products online?

So many benefits

Your online shop will provide a fantastic opportunity to sell your dental products and there are so many benefits and so much marketing potential that it's a bit of a no brainer really. You might think that your products aren't competitively priced compared to the major chains, but you have the advantage of being a dentist and having trust and loyalty from your patients. Direct them to specific products on your website and see the sales and repeat business come in. Need other reasons to set up a shop? Here are just a few:
  • You will be providing additional useful content for SEO purposes (longer time on site with keyword specific products = better SEO)
  • You have the ability to market to a wider audience outside of existing patient basis
  • You can offer initial discounts off first orders in order to capture email data and carry out further marketing
  • You can build email lists and further market to the lists in a more tactical, sales based way e.g. seasonal offers, discounts, vouchers, messages to replace your toothbrush etc
  • You can help  up-sell and cross sell other services through the website and it can be used to help with reminders to attend check ups
  • You can market to targeted audience through Facebook ads, Google Shopping
  • You can sell through Facebook direct

Easy to get started

Setting up an eccomerce website is easy and its extremely cost effective too. We're a Shopify partner and whole-heartedly recommend their commerce solution to all our clients. They offer fantastic products, service, support as well as a huge range of marketing apps that plug into the commerce system and enable you to really grow your online business. It can be easily integrated as part of a main dental website, so you can promote your treatments and service primarily, but upsell your products secondarily. In fact if your website needs a refresh it's a perfect opportunity to integrate a dental shop and ensure you have a complete mobile experience for your patients at the same time.

Great resources

Shopify offer a fantastic pool of resources to help you grow your online business. Visit their blog for more. Our favourite post to get you started gives you '50 ways to make your first sale'

So what are you waiting for?

In fact setting up your new shop can be so easy that you could do this yourself. Shopify offer a free trial to help you get underway. Click on the button to dive right in...


But if this sounds too daunting or you'd prefer some help, then why not give us a call to chat through your requirements, phone 01242 236600 or email - you'll be surprised at how affordable it can be.   *Source: Ofcom 2013

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