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Launching our brand new website

Launching our brand new website

Marketing your own business often gets pushed to the end of your task list. Customers always seem to be the priority and you always focus on their needs and their requirements first.

We're the same at Blue Horizons. Our clients come before the marketing of our business and we spend the majority of our time serving their needs, offering help and support and managing and progressing with their projects. We love working with clients, but it's still important to find the time to progress with your own marketing strategy and plans.

Reviewing your marketing communications is important to ensure everything is on brand, saying the right messages and reflecting your business as it is today. Compare your items with your overall marketing and business plan and check they're still working for you.

Websites are a great example of an item that can become outdated and not meet all the specifications of current modern devices that people use to access sites. They might not work with the latest browsers, meet with recent legislation or just not contain your most up to date information.

Introducing our brand new website

We recently took time out to revamp our own website. Our old site always had great feedback, but a redesign can help generate interest and drive more traffic and enquiries.

So, we're delighted to announce the launch of our brand new website, a comprehensive showcase of all things, well, most things, Blue Horizons.

Our site has some great new features which you can explore for yourself or read about below...


We've made it easier to find out what we do by splitting our services into 4 categories, so you can see what we offer in just a couple of steps.


We're proud of how we work, which we define as an 8-step process. It helps us understand and deliver your project, and underpins all the work you see.


Beautiful projects

Get some inspiration by browsing through a selection of our work in our easy to access portfolio.

Real case studies

Read about the stories behind the projects and what our clients say about us in our case study section.

Tips, ideas & advice

Build your marketing knowledge with our comprehensive blog of information and recommendations.

We hope you like our new website. We'll be adding more features and great examples in the future - plus we're always updating our blog with lots of useful information. And if you need any help to revamp your website or help get your marketing back on track, call us on 01242 236600 or email

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