Don’t lose clients by not keeping touch

Are you communicating regularly with your clients? The main question really is, 'can you afford not to?'

You probably know that the cost of keeping an existing client can be as low as one fifth of finding a new one. And you probably know that research in America has proven that the main reason customers stopped buying from companies is because 'they didn't keep in touch'. So are you communicating regularly with your clients/patients?

The cost of keeping an existing customer can be as low as one fifth of finding a new one.

Marketing to your existing customers should be a critical part of your marketing strategy. In fact talking to your own customers/patients and regularly telling them about what you do, why they should keep using you and what you can do for them should be above any external marketing activity you do.

You always need to remember to offer value in your communications, this means providing information, advice, hints, tips or anything that will be of interest to your customers/patients (and hopefully their friends), but any form of regular communication if much better than ignoring them.

Easy options

Regular customer communication is easily done through printed or email newsletters. Both solutions are fantastic at:

  • Encouraging customer loyalty and making your clients feel valued.
  • Promoting new and existing services.
  • Promoting any finance schemes or special offers
  • Educating your clients
  • Reactivating dormant clients
  • Encouraging referrals from existing customers
  • Attracting and winning over new clients

So if you haven't been keeping in touch with your existing customers, now's the time. You'll reap the benefits, we're confident of that!

You can read some more great tips from Jo on 'the benefits of a patient newsletter' or find out more about our printed newsletter or email marketing services. We can manage the whole process from start to finish so you don't even need to provide the content or if you prefer, we can set you up with a template on our great value email marketing software and leave you to develop your own campaigns, the choice is yours.

Should you have any other questions or want to get started, give me a call on 01242 236600 or email

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