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Bespoke Photography and Marketing; Picture Perfect

Bespoke Photography and Marketing; Picture Perfect

The business world is becoming more and more populated with new businesses, corporate giants and hobbyists and so because of this it is more and more crucial to set yourself apart from other businesses in your sector.

Be unique

Bespoke photography, partnered with a strong identity can help ensure YOUR uniqueness shines through against your competitors. The joy of bespoke photography is that it is tailored to you, designed to be completely unique to your business. If your competitors are simply using stock images and you opt for the use of commissioned photos then you are immediately setting yourself apart and being more memorable.  

A picture speaks a thousand words, so you need to ensure those words are all positive.

Search engines will love them

As well as helping your marketing materials stand out, be unique and more memorable, using your own photos on your website will actually help with Google ranking too. Your own photos are unique content, nobody else will have them and because Google is sophisticated enough to recognise when images are reused, utilising images that fit your page content and that only you have will give you some extra ranking points in this cut-throat area.

Don't believe us? Drag a stock image into 'Google Images' and just see all the versions of the same photo it will find? Duplicate content = bad for rankings and SEO!

Enhance your brand

Great photos become synonomous with your business and a core part of your brand. Just think about some of the most memorable advertising campaigns from some of your favourite brands and we'll bet you it's the images you remember.

The stock business type photo above is a great example of a 'safe' (perhaps boring) marketing approach. It's ok, but it certainly isn't different or memorable. In fact, in my view it shows unoriginality and and a lack of thought and planning.

However on the other hand, the image above, from a bespoke photoshoot we did for 58 Queens Square, creeats an immediate impression and a feel for the brand and there is an obvious difference between the two. This bespoke shoot has originality; it’s specific to the client and includes real people from within the business, therefore showing significantly more care, reflecting the brand and demonstrating to potential customers that you are worth their time and hard earned money.

Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world

There is of course still a place for good stock imagery, but if the majority of your marketing material use your own pictures then it makes your brand look more professional, shows clients that quality is a big focus for you, which in turn reflects positively on how customers view you and how likely they are to tell someone about you.

Great value

Having a bespoke photoshoot is surprisingly cost-effective. A half or full day shoot should give you enough images to use for mutliple marketing items in the future without the need to source and buy stock images. There will be multiple shots of different scenes all ready to adorn your web, brochure, mailers, adverts, Facebook page and so on.

You can see more examples of our client's bespoke photography here or view a gallery on our Pinterest page. And if you would like to discuss bespoke photography for your business then please just give us a call on 01242 236600.

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