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Design & PhotographyMimi George - Photography

Mimi George - Photography

Lifestyle and product photoshoot for Mimi George.

Design & PhotographyRGB v CMYK


In design for print and digital media, it is an essential skill to know the difference between and when to use RGB and CMYK colours.

Design & PhotographyProfessional photography on a budget

Professional photography on a budget

We all know how much of a difference quality images can make to your marketing. Just look at your favourite brands, websites and those win design awards and most of the time it's the images that m...

Design & PhotographyBehind the scenes at a product photoshoot

Behind the scenes at a product photoshoot

We carried out our latest shoot last Tuesday for Urban Wool, a company manufacturing and supplying a beautiful range of 100% wool bedding. Read the story of the shoot

Design & PhotographyBespoke Photography and Marketing; Picture Perfect

Bespoke Photography and Marketing; Picture Perfect

The business world is becoming more and more populated and so because of this it is every bit more crucial to set yourself apart from other businesses within your sector.

Design & PhotographyThe rule of thirds

The rule of thirds

The rule of thirds is a visual principle that offers a guideline in the composition of designs and photographs. It states that a design/composition can be divided into nine equal parts that are se...

How bespoke photography can create unique marketing

With a change in ownership, Wimborne Dental wanted to rebrand the practice to reflect the more modern approach of the new principal. We worked on a refreshed logo, which, whilst still remaining r...

Adding that wow factor - choosing print finishes part 1

Do you want to add that extra little something to your printing? Or are you looking for an effect that will differentiate you from your competitors? There are a number of print finishes that, if ...

Repetition & consistency in design

The skills of design and marketing are important tools that help to get brand familiarity across to clients and ultimately support your brand proposition. Repetition and consistency are just one ...