Digital dentistry extends online

The feeling of completing a project for a customer is one that everyone here at Blue Horizons looks forward to! Our latest dental website to go live was no different and, as a particular favourite of ours, we wanted to share it with you.

St Piran Dental, one of the leading dental centres in the South West, have a heavy focus on digital dentistry. They wanted to extend this approach online and so commissioned Blue Horizons to create a refreshed and more interactive website. The new site needed to enhance their position as a high end practice and to reflect the level of service and quality treatments on offer. It also needed to take advantage of the wide range of devices that patients explore websites on these days, from smart phones to cinema displays!

After a lot of hard work, so they new St Piran Dental website was born...




The brand new website features some new features which we were excited to implement for the team.

The popularity and use of Live Chat has rocketed in the last 3 years as a means of providing instant help and support and so the new site has its own easy to use Live Chat feature which patients can use to query an appointment or even gain advice on the best course of action regarding a problem.

Information on the go

We believe that a good website can be used and accessed with ease by EVERYBODY, so that’s why the new website is responsive and thus mobile friendly, making it easy to navigate for all. Smartphones are a big part of most of our lives and we use our phones to do almost everything we used to do on desktop, so having a mobile friendly website is a must.

The personal touch

The use of personal photography in your website is key to creating a welcoming and engaging feeling for anybody who visits. As stock photography is so common across many dental websites, having a bespoke shoot sets you as a business a mile apart from those who use stock imagery. The website features an abundance of bespoke photographs with real team members, existing patients and local area.

And more

As well as an easy to navigate menu, treatments grouped into common areas, and clear calls to action, the site also features an integrated newsletter form where a patient can subscribe to tips, news, advice and offers through ongoing email marketing. And we're not stopping there. In the near future dentists will be able to book Chris McConnell's excellent training courses online and even weekend stays in the area as part of a 'surf and learn' approach.

Discover it for yourself

If you're, looking for a dentist yourself in the South West, then you can find St Piran Dental located in the wonderful town of Perranporth, just a 10 minute walk away from Perranporth Beach. Need directions?

And to to view the site for yourself, visit

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