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Behind the scenes at a product photoshoot

Behind the scenes at a product photoshoot

Stunning photography is everything when it comes to quality marketing materials. You just can't sell your products at the right price, consistently, without a range of professional images. They also become part of your brand and reflect your identity throughout all your marketing materials.

Have a look again at some of your favourite websites and I guarantee you that most of the ones you like will have great images. That's why we offer our Shopify product photography service for clients whether or not they develop their website with us or not.

The product shoot

On location at our product shoot for Urban Wool

We carried out our latest shoot last Tuesday for Urban Wool, a company manufacturing and supplying a beautiful range of 100% wool bedding. Capturing their products in situ, in a stylish environment was a key requirement of the shoot and so we shot this on location at the stunning Kings Head Hotel in Cirencester.

We were offered one of their truly luxurious 'indulgent suites' and with the help of their fab team, we captured some beautiful images of their wool duvets, pillows, mattress toppers, blankets and throws. 

Product photography at Kings Head Cirencester

We wanted to showcase the products both on their own, within the environment of the bedrooms (to show the target audience what the products would be like within their homes) and also being used by a typical customer. With the assistance of the extremely helpful staff at the hotel, we managed to showcase the product packaging, the real wool inside of the luxury pillows and also the beautiful stitching on the hypoallergenic duvets.

If you're serious about marketing your products, then we encourage you to book a professional photoshoot. Budget for half a day at a minimum and you'll get a great range of images that won't just be for your website but can be used throughout your marketing going forward, including print and digital promotions.

Discover the Kings Head for yourself

And if you're looking for a great stopover in a quintessential Cotswold town, then we thoroughly recommend The Kings Head. This stylish, boutique hotel in Cirencester offers beautiful rooms, stunning food and fantastic conferences, meetings and events. For more information visit


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