More ways to sell

More ways to sell

There are so many ways to get your product and service in front of customers these days, so why do most businesses just focus on hoping their customers visit their website?

Your customers are online using multiple platforms day in day out, whether that’s their favourite social media channel or someone’s blog, they’re using the web for more and more. And its not just digital channels that customers are engaging with; retail environments, events and shows are increasingly popular, so there’s more opportunities than ever to sell your products
or service. Ecommerce specialists Shopify, make it easy for business owners to get in front of new and existing customers with a range of innovative solutions.

Your Ecommerce website

Shopify’s ecommerce platform is head and shoulders above the competition. They handle all the hassles of ecommerce, with a host of fantastic features which makes it the ideal choice for beginners and experts alike.

You can manage your orders, contact customers, track sales trends, and much more from within the platform itself, so it’s the perfect choice when selling directly from your website.

Buy button

But they don’t stop there. Why limit your sales to people stumbling across your website when the Shopify ‘Buy Button’ lets you sell on any website or blog? You might have a really popular blog with loyal followers or your existing website might already receive lots of traffic and the thought of a full blown commerce site sends shivers down your spine. So don’t despair as you can sell directly on these sites with total ease. Just add the ‘buy now’ button and you’ll turn any website into an ecommerce site!

Point of sale

Don’t limit yourself to only selling online. Do business anywhere with Shopify Point of Sale. Markets, trade shows, and pop-up shops are more and more popular, so sell directly to your visitors and maximize your traffic. With the POS system you can take payments there and then and everything will sync with your main website, so there’s no need to waste time transferring over a paper list of enquiries, sales at the event or even updating your stock.

Sell on Facebook

Connect with billions of users to grow your business by showcasing and selling your products on Facebook. Many customers don’t want the hassle of leaving their favourite social platform and going to your website, so let them easily browse your products and collections using the new, always visible, shop section on your Facebook page.

Your existing fans can then buy your products and services directly from within the page or just with a couple of clicks through your website.
And coming soon to UK customers…

Sell on Pinterest

Although already available to anyone selling to customers in the US, Pinterest and Shopify have partnered to make it easy for businesses to sell their products on Pinterest using Buyable Pins. This new type of Pin lets consumers checkout and pay for products they discover on Pinterest using Apple Pay or their credit card.

Each day, millions of consumers use Pinterest to discover, research, and share products that inspire them and as Pinterest is the second largest source of social media traffic to online stores, and has the highest average order value of all of them, it makes sense to try and convert customers when they’re using it.

Sell on Twitter

Selling on Twitter is also available to US Shopify customers so it’s only a matter of time before it will be available in the UK. The “Buy now” buttons make it easier for you to get your products into your followers’ hands.

More to come

We’re so proud to be a Shopify Partner and Expert because we know that if there’s a trend in the market, Shopify will have their finger on the pulse in providing a solution for their customers. So what are you waiting for, get in front of more customers and start selling online.                              

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