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Professional photography on a budget

Professional photography on a budget

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We all know how much of a difference quality images can make to your marketing. Just look at your favourite brands, websites and those that win design awards and most of the time it's the images that make them!

Achieving the right look for your brand through professional photography is traditionally expensive. There's the location to source and often pay for, the photographer's time, an art director, professional models, image stylists, props, photo retouching and editing, the list goes on. But there are ways to sill achieve the inspirational images that reflect your company's products and services without breaking the bank.

At Blue Horizons we are always trying to create the most affordable marketing solutions for our clients' budgets and the same goes for our product and lifestyle photography.

We work with exceptional photographers who can achieve this high end, consistent look, but without it costing the earth. So as well as choosing the right photographer at the right price, what else can you do to reduce costs?

Urban Wool packaging

    Research your location

    It's often feasible to get a free location if you spend time finding one. Studios are great for consistent lighting and a clean background, but they don't suit everything and can often require set design (which can be expensive on top of the hire itself). So think creatively.

    Some hotels will be happy to offer use of their facilities in return for some publicity, many public areas can be used without charge, if you're discreet and your existing friends, families or colleagues may already own or live in the picture perfect location which you may not have even thought about. Ask around and don't be disheartened if you do get a 'no'.

    Photo of Zoe Davitt at Vehicle Solutions

        Model yourself

        This may strike the fear of God into you, but don't dismiss the idea totally. You may already know friends or family who photograph well, so ask them, especially if they're your target audience. Consider 'friends of friends', particularly those who express an interest in modelling as a career or side job. After all they will need to develop a portfolio somehow, so offer them use of the images from your shoot.

        Kelsey Smart street photography for Smash Temrinator

            Styling on a budget

            Professional stylists can make a big difference, but as long as your models look smart, consistent and on brand, this is often enough for most companies. Dress the scenes yourself with low cost accessories, from flowers to candles, cushions to technology. One of the most important and often overlooked factors is ensuring that the space is tidy and clear of clutter. These small details can make a big difference.

                Photo editing

                Yes 'Photo-Shopping' is a real skill, and 'cutting out' images is an art, but you don't necessarily have to pay separately for this. A good company will provide a one-off cost for your shoot which will include this within the package or look to get this included when the images are used by your marketing company on their required medium. Or if you need cut outs, consider an online provider, often overseas, who can cut out multiple images at incredibly low prices!

                  In summary

                  Don't miss out on creating high quality photos for your products or brand just because you think it will be too expensive. Photos really do say a thousand words and help set you apart. Just think creatively about how you can achieve the look you want and talk to your marketing company about how this can be achieved within your budget.

                  And at the end of the day, have fun with it!

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