Building your business back better and stronger

Building your business back better and stronger

“Strength is not the absence of struggles. It is what you build due to your struggles.” Adam Grant

The past year has been testing to say the least. The global pandemic has completely changed our world and in order to not only survive but strive, we’ve realised that we must adapt and pivot.

Although Covid-19 forced many to move their businesses online and work from home, it has actually bought about a more humanistic perspective to how businesses can operate. Work-life balance, mental wellbeing and integrity have come to the forefront and there has been a noticeable shift to conscious consumption – supporting small, local businesses whose values align with our own.

Drive yourself forward with purpose

It can be so easy when running a business to be in a constant state of reaction; dealing with what’s right in front of you and feeling as though you’re battling through day by day in survival mode. This can lead to burnout and exhaustion; when we feel that our business is in control of us and not the other way around.

In order to progress and achieve our goals we need to have purpose and we need to have a plan.

  • What is your passion?
  • What is the driving force behind your business?
  • What is important to you?
  • What do you want to achieve?

Answering these ‘what’ questions offers you the ‘why’ – that sense of purpose that provides the context for everything else that you do.

Define what success looks like for you

By definition success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. It isn’t about comparing ourselves to others and it isn’t just about money. Success is what you want it to be so use a more holistic approach to planning your business - basing your strategy in line with your core values will help you build a more sustainable business.

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Start where you are, use what you’ve got!

Often in times of crisis, genius strikes. When resources are limited or circumstances outside of our control take hold it can actually force us to innovate and come up with new ideas, concepts and ways of doing things differently.

It can be very easy to feel completely overwhelmed and always start plans for pushing our business forward ‘tomorrow’ or when x happens or y stops. But the old adage ‘The best time to start was yesterday - the next best time is NOW’ - is so true!

If you struggle with procrastination, you’ll find our blog useful.

Progress not perfection

The global pandemic has taught us that we need to be flexible. We need to pivot and we need to adapt. We can still work towards our bigger picture goals just perhaps not in the same way as before.

Key competencies to help us build back stronger include:

  • Resourcefulness – even though we may have less money and less staff we need to push forward with what we’ve got.
  • Judgement – the ability to focus on what is important and what we have control over in order to reach the right decisions.
  • Tenacity – making a commitment to stick it out, be persistent, be determined.

The human touch

Ironically, our lack of social contact during this past year has created a deep desire for human connection. Not just in terms of physically seeing people but also creating connections that have integrity, intent and purpose.

A positive to come about is the support for local, small businesses whose values align with our own.

Focus on your brand

Your brand is the translation of your purpose and values, setting you apart from the competition, instilling trust and helping you build lasting relationships with your customers. Be honest and authentic in communicating what your brand is all about and customers will not only come but will keep coming back.

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