Free (or minimal cost) marketing activities you can do now.

Free (or minimal cost) marketing activities you can do now.

Covid-19 is unchartered territory for us all so we thought we’d put together some suggestions on what marketing activities you can carry out to help your business survive.


Keep in touch

  • Connect not just with customers but colleagues, suppliers and affiliates. Support other small businesses – share their content, tag them and give them a mention on social media #inthistogether
  • Pick up the phone – keep relationships alive during the lock-down.
  • Utilise email marketing – it’s an excellent tool to get in front of your audience keeping the relationship alive, encouraging loyalty and driving traffic to your website.


Be flexible, be creative

  • What flexibility can you offer? Perhaps you can provide more generous payment terms?  Could you place subscriptions on hold?  Try to think of solutions that will help your customers during this odd time.
  • What can you offer your clients during this lock-down? What content can you share? Can you offer tips and advice or how-to video’s?
  • Content is king – can you repurpose any of your content? Perhaps break existing blog posts down into useful tips that you can share on social media?  Could you make use of a case study and send this out as part of an email newsletter?
  • Are there other businesses that you could partner with during this challenging time?

If you need any help with any creative tasks, get in touch – professional design will really help you stand out from the crowd and get your message noticed.


Low cost ads and boosted posts

Perhaps you’ve always thought about trying boosting your social posts but never got around to it– well now could be the perfect time to give them a go. Look at Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads and even try Bing Ads to make your budget stretch further.


Refresh your website

Now is the perfect opportunity to do some housekeeping on your website, for example:

  • Refresh the content on your site, write some blog posts, put together some case studies or testimonials – there is bound to be something you can do to improve your website.
  • Could now be the perfect the opportunity to refresh the design of you site? Maybe try out a new theme?
  • Spend some time writing great product and collection descriptions – these are great for SEO, so too is ensuring that your products have unique meta data.
  • Make use of Shopify opening up Gift Card option for all plans – gift cards are a great way to get your customers to support your business.
  • Sign up here to receive updates from Shopify on how they can help you during Covid-19
  • Have a good tidy up on the back end of your site – all of those tasks that you’ve never gotten around to – the sense of achievement of having a tidy website will be worth it!
  • Check out the Shopify app store, many apps are free or have a free trial period.

Get in touch if you need any help with your website such as creating graphics or banners, doing a redesign on a new theme or installing apps and widgets.


Evaluate your entire customer journey

  • Check in on your brand, read through this post we did on understanding your brand to give you some ideas
  • Look at your customer journey – are there any areas that you can improve on? Are there any opportunities to surprise and delight?  Is there anything you can do to make things easier for your customers?
  • Are you actively encouraging loyalty and referrals? Would your business benefit from running a loyalty scheme?
  • If you sell a product, what is the unboxing experience like? Could you make use of a print-based creative to help encourage repeat orders and/or referrals?
  • Are you actively encouraging reviews and feedback?


Plan ahead

For most of us we will need to go into survival mode over the coming weeks but during this time we can take the opportunity to make improvements that will benefit our businesses in the long-term.  We need to stay positive and do all we can. Check out a previous post on how to make your business more resilient


As your marketing partner & Shopify expert we are also here to support you and your business. If you do have any worries or concerns about your project with us, please get in touch.

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